Begin Your Journey To Improved Sleep With Guided Sleep Meditation

Have you found yourself dealing with the stress and frustration of insomnia, frequent night awakenings, or restless sleep? In order to achieve optimal health and holistic well-being, it is essential to sleep deeply at night, leading to the complete restoration of your mind and body. 

With the San Francisco Meditation method, we train you through the process of guided sleep meditation to throw away negative images and discard them from your mind. We teach you to find the Truth through a deep understanding of the true mind and false mind, allowing for a complete clearing of stressful images in your brain that has accumulated over the course of a life lived. Your Mind is the most powerful tool at your disposal as a human being, and we will teach you how to discard thoughts that are leading to stress, anxiety, and restless sleep at night.

Calm your racing mind with the power of Meditation for Sleep

The world of the false mind is full of burden, doubt, and questioning, which leads to a racing mind and stressful thoughts that keep you up at night. When you internally connect with your true self, you will begin to understand the principles of the world, leaving your mind enlightened, transformed, and peaceful. You will be able to effectively calm your racing mind, leading to deeply refreshing and restorative sleep every night. There will be no more stress and anxiety due to the thoughts and images contained in the false mind, and you will finally be able to reach the full potential of your true inner self.

When you find the Truth within your true mind, the best days of your life can begin as you achieve the deep, restorative sleep that has eluded you for so long. In addition to our guided sleep meditation, we will teach you the importance of moving your body throughout the day with flow and purpose through yoga or another activity of choice.

Best Guided Meditation For Sleep

Whether you are an individual dealing with insomnia or restless sleep, or a holistic healthcare practice looking to help your clients, we will be happy to answer your questions about our guided meditation for sleep program. Our meditation process will always be completely customized to your specific sleep problems, and our meditation experts offer the best-guided sleep meditation in the San Francisco area.

We are currently offering a free online group class on Monday evenings at 9 pm PST. Sign up to begin your journey to better sleep meditation today.