As we go through life, the interactions and circumstances we encounter end up shaping us and our perspectives, even if it’s not fully realized. Negative situations that have occurred over time – whether it be from past relationships that caused pain, conflicts with friends or family, or facing your own personal battles – often end up fostering things like pessimism, issues with trusting others, and even anger towards the world, those around us, and ourselves. The truth that we are responsible for comprehending as individual beings though, is that we are the only ones responsible for the way we react to circumstances and the way we offer ourselves to those around us. Do you move through life with love and acceptance? 

The Importance of Self-Love and Acceptance

Love and acceptance are the purest forms of being that exists. Before we can fully offer this love and acceptance to others, though, we need to first offer it to ourselves. For some, it is easier to try and show others love rather than our own selves, but why is this? Many of us are guilty of being our own worst critics and deciding that we are not worthy of this same genuine sense of love and compassion. Meditation for self-love and acceptance may very much be the key you need to finally discover a life that is so full of blissful adoration for yourself and those you meet over time. When we truly love, we do not expect anything in return from others or ourselves, and we live free of judgement and the need to control.

Guided Meditations for Self-Love

San Francisco Meditation offers an array of guided meditations that are available to anyone that wants to uncover the depths of pure self-love and acceptance. You can book a free introduction session here so you can experience firsthand how meditation can fully transform your life – just click the button below. There is nothing except the now, and you are whole, perfect, and worthy of the most authentic form of love and acceptance that exists.