Experience A Mindful Change In Perspective With Guided Meditation For Positive Thinking

Think about the last time you were truly happy. Was it when you received praise at work, or perhaps when you bought an expensive car or home? These are all nice things to have, but when was the last time you were happy based solely on your existence and the power of your being? At San Francisco Meditation, we can help you learn to achieve positivity at all times by removing your self-centered mind and transcending to your true mind of unconditional acceptance.  

With the power of our Guided Meditation For Positive Thinking, you will learn that our minds are biased and selfish by nature, populated with thoughts of envy, jealousy, and criticism of ourselves and others. However, our true mind has the ability to offer acceptance, freedom, happiness, and positivity – but we must first remove our false mind through a guided meditation for positive thinking.

People often think happiness is having what others envy, accumulating wealth, achieving professional success, and having a perfect family. The human mind by nature can become filled with greed, always leaving us wanting more, and never satisfied by what we have. It is completely normal to exist within our own minds because, by nature, they are our existence. 

However, by limiting yourself to the confines of your own mind, you will never achieve a suitable life because you are constricted by the false beliefs that your mind creates within itself. When a situation falls outside of the mind’s framework, it is very difficult to infuse positivity unless you have achieved the true mind.


Seek Your True Mind Through A Guided Meditation

You cannot effectively take action in a negative situation unless you consciously seek your true mind through a guided meditation for positive thinking. When you achieve the Truth, you will be able to react positively, accept others with love and grace, and permanently change your mindset to take on life’s challenges with acceptance and positivity. A clear, clean mind is the Truth, and it is the only way forward toward a life of unconditional happiness. 

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