If you’ve never attempted meditation before or if you have given it a go and felt like nothing was really accomplished, you likely weren’t very motivated to fully pursue it. Meditation is simply just being with oneself in the present moment and with the mind, which is really as uncomplicated as it can get. It’s in the nature of humans to make this concept more complex than it needs to be and do anything to avoid merely being. 

Guided meditations are the ideal way to work yourself into the world of meditation and the endless benefits that it can provide to you. San Francisco Meditation offers free introduction sessions to those who are curious and looking to begin their meditation journey. With our free introduction session, you will:

  • Meet with one of our exceptional guides via Zoom 
  • Receive a free and personalized one-on-one meditation session 
  • Obtain a deeper understanding of how meditation can help you achieve what you desire
  • Receive a quick demonstration and practice to experience how this meditation practice works best for you

All you need to do is book your free session with us to uncover the never-ending value of meditation.

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Meditation for beginners!
A free introduction session is a great opportunity to get a better understanding of the meditation process and what benefits you may receive once you start. Schedule your intro session today!
Schedule your intro session today!