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Melissa Gamble
Melissa Gamble
I'm so greatful for finding a post on Quora by Brandon Oh, about how to over come depression & anxiety. When reading his experience it was like describing what I go through word for word. So I reached out to him & he introduced me the the San Francisco Meditation Center & he stuck with me & continued to keep in touch with me while I was going thru a really hard time struggling with depression & anxiety when I started doing the meditation course I met alot of really awesome members, very supportive and honestly I've learned on how to let go of things judgement, anxiety, habits just my life is alot more calmer & I'm more calmer & it has really made a difference in my life & my family.. I wanna say thank you to Brandon for being so supportive & patient & not giving up on me & thank you to his wife & the members that have been working along the side with me & so supportive it just really means alot thank you so much Melissa Gamble
Liv Hua
Liv Hua
The dedicated meditation experts at SF Meditation has helped me bring greater peace of mind, better sleep and more productivity in my life. The fees are quite accessible and the guides are incredibly committed--they walk with you the entire way. I've been doing mindfulness meditation off and on for a decade and have not experienced these kinds of outcomes. I'd say the approach is closer to stoicism than to yoga mindfulness breath meditation--it is about experiencing oneness with what is by letting go of your own preconceived notions, expectations and reactions. It took some time to get used to and I may not have stuck with it were it not for the fact that it was originally gifted to me. Now that I have, I feel incredibly grateful and fortunate to have encountered them. Finding SF Meditation is definitely one of the silver linings of my pandemic lock down.
Elizabeth Parker
Elizabeth Parker
I was so lucky to find this meditation a few years ago. The center is so peaceful. When I come here after work, I feel like I can leave all my stress here. The most important thing is that I had always been lost in my mind and now I feel at home finding Truth inside of me and maintaining that peace of mind. Thank you!
Gary Alfred
Gary Alfred
I love this meditation center! I meditate with them online and the session always leaves me with a smile on my face. You never know how much burden you are carrying around until you are free of it. I sincerely hope anyone reading this gives it a try, you won't regret it.
Harry Allen
Harry Allen
This meditation is very easy to do, and anyone can do it. And the effectiveness of this meditation is great. Above all, I was so happy to be able to enlightment the truth through this meditation. And after I did this meditation, the Bible was very well understood.
Yushun Jo
Yushun Jo
This guided meditation is great. I had to fight negative thoughts mostly at night. However, I am not holding onto these stresses anymore because of these sessions. Won and Pralima always help me, I feel very warm and welcome and the online sessions are easy to follow. I highly recommend it!
This meditation has really helped me overcome a lot of my negativity - something that I wasn't even aware that I had so much of before. Simple to practice, guides are encouraging and kind


Check out this short video to understand the MIND

The human mind is the accumulation of one’s life lived based on habits and that is one’s mind. The will of the Truth is to throw away the human mind and change it to the true mind, which is the Universe mind. People take pictures of everything in the world and store them in their minds. But their pictures are false and because people have false pictures, they are incomplete. If people discard the false human mind and are reborn with the true universe mind, they have the living mind of Truth.

Would like to learn how to discard the false human mind and have the living mind of the Truth? We invite you to our introductory San Francisco Meditation session.


We are currently offering in-person as well as live online guided meditation classes.
San Francisco Meditation | Live Online Meditation Classes
Daily Live Guided Classes
We offer live, guided meditation classes daily.
San Francisco Meditation | Live Online Meditation Classes
One-On-One Private Sessions
Get a full hour of private guided meditation session to refresh your mind.
San Francisco Meditation | Live Online Meditation Classes
Group Sessions
Join our group meditation classes consisting of 2+ meditators and get energized with our San Francisco Meditation community.
San Francisco Meditation | Live Online Meditation Classes
Company Workshop
We offer workshops to support the health and happiness of your valued team.


1. Free Introduction Session

Meet with an expert meditation guide in-person or in a video call to choose the right program for you.

San Francisco Meditation Center

2. Meditate with Ease

Our precise method and guidance allow you to clear your mind effectively so that you can live your everyday life with the best quality and satisfaction.

Meditation for Self Love

3. Stay happy!

It’s worth investing in a healthy, beautiful mind that will give you the true happiness you deserve.


As a college student, this meditation has helped me tremendously and has made my mind clearer.

Meditation Centre - San Francisco | Meditation for beginners
Sarah A.
College Student,
San Francisco

I feel that I am able to maintain a healthy work-life balance and reduce mental stress.

Meditation Centre - San Francisco | Meditation for beginners
Beema P.
Office Admin

I experience a huge reduction in stress, worry and mind chatter.

Meditation Centre - San Francisco | Meditation for beginners
Maricar G.
Contracts Admin
San Bruno

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